Just when you think all the old original Holdens have run out…….. Something happens that leaves you totally gob smacked…… I recently had to bring back to life this absolutely pristine HJ Premier 253ci which had been parked since approx 1993….. Frozen in time, it was just a matter of blowing out the fuel lines, new fuel pump, brakes and the replacement of anything rubber as it had all pherised….. After this it was like the vehicle had just been used the day before.….. Beautiful sound out of some past fitted stainless mufflers and drove brilliantly. This car features factory air con, power steer & GTS dash and everything still is working as it should……. To prove the gap between workshop visits, the date on the last service sticker was circa 1992…… Whilst it has new oil….. the old sticker will remain as a reminder of the days long gone by…..