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About Us

Hi….. Welcome to Road2Race Chassis Tuning. Established in 2008, my ambition was to finally pursue a long burning desire to explore & provide a specialised service within the largely unknown & misunderstood world of specialised chassis tuning & wheel alignment. Very much uncharted waters within the general automotive service industry, I took the plunge and this was to be the next chapter of my automotive career.

Sure you can go and get a wheel alignment from your local tyre dealer however, when its comes to maximising the potential of your chassis and tyres for the race track or even a spirited road feel, the knowledge & expertise required for this is limited

Is the chassis, suspension & steering game misunderstood…….?? Absolutely……. Even in today’s world of high profile motor sport which includes Formula 1, Indy, NASCAR, V8 Super Car & much more, they are all dedicating specialised persons and departments who continuously work in the area of research & development of improving the dynamics of motor vehicle chassis systems. When you have the entire field of top level cars running within a second, then finding a split second edge may become the difference between winning or finishing in a mid field position.

So the strong point I wish to emphasise hear is that if at this level top race teams are spending so much time and effort developing suspension & steering for that elusive set up then so shouldn’t we be at least making this a critical aspect when modifying and developing our own vehicles…….?? This must be a fierce YES…..

It doesn’t matter if its the family car or your dedicated track car, having a car that handles well is just an exhilarating experience………. You are the intelligence of your motor vehicle. You react and the motor vehicle reacts precisely to your every command. Its the feeling that you have complete control and confidence over your machine. Optimising suspension and steering systems through chassis tuning will yield a far greater level of safety, vehicle balance, stability & road holding through maximising the grip level of your tyres.

At all levels of motor sport, the transformation in vehicle performance through precise and clever chassis tuning will yield incredible dividends for those who choose to realise the power from chassis tuning. This is not something I have witnessed once, the outcome always remains the same….. It may be as simple as a high accuracy wheel alignment with dedicated settings for the intended application have resulted in a 2 x second reduction in lap time at Wakefield park. And you know what, its wasn’t a $20 000 dollar engine build or bigger turbo with boost on the limit….. No, just a relatively low cost chassis tuning operation to maximise the potential of you suspension & steering.

Another aspect, all to often I help people who have outlayed a big budget on some of the finest suspension coil overs and suspension components that money can buy, yet the lap times have barely improved. As a last result I see a passionate yet highly frustrated modified vehicle owner who has come to me as a last resort….. A quick set up on the scales and aligner all to often reveals a set up where the weights are everywhere and each wheel pointing in another direction….. The potential was always going to be there….. all that was needed was some ride height correction, precise weighting  and restore the alignment settings according to the application. The next visit to the race track and the client is blown away with what has just happened. I look at video footage and stop watch and see the proof. The driver is not fighting the car, is able to  remain relaxed and concentrate on racing and next thing they have smashed their personal bests.

This is a fascinating game I play now……. the more I study all aspects, fundamentals and technology of motor vehicle chassis tuning and handling the more hungry I become to further learn my craft. I remain truly passionate for my trade and find great satisfaction in dedicating myself to helping others unlock the “power of handling” from their motor vehicle

I wish to thank you for visiting the Road2Race web page. Jump on board and hang on for the ride of your life

Peter Day

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