Its been a while since I attacked the Road2Race Web page, so I thought I would take a moment on this Sunday to reflect on some jobs that have passed through the workshop over the last 2 months or so…….
Photographed is the rotary powered Clubman belonging to Steve….. A job that I provided assistance on over a several month period…..
Beginning with an initial chassis assessment it was soon realised that the best way for this project was to start again with a new set on coil over and springs………. it was all wrong & completely reflected on its current on road dynamics…..
Featuring mostly RX 7 suspension arms it was however never going to be that simple as the front shocks were mounted at a much greater angle than ideal and the rear set up was very much going to be a one off “application specific” design with a dire need to strengthen up the top mounting arrangement…..
I needed to give Steve lots of homework hear drawing on his passion for this car and his trade skills in fitting & turning…..
After discussion by both myself & Steve it was MCA who took up the challenge of building the required one off coil over set….
What followed was an evening with lots of measuring and data gathering on the Clubman…. Very accurate measurements to determine motion ratio’s, shock lengths and angles were performed. Consideration was giving to new mountings, absolutely everything including corner weight data and then all this was packaged off and sent to MCA for them to do their thing……
Upon return it was Steve and his crew who managed the install and mounting upgrades.
To conclude it was Road2Race who completed the project with fine tuning of the ride heights, corner weights & track alignment.
All that remained was on road enjoyment and much waited for circuit track time